Time to time we have pre orders. Which means that you are visiting the Market and for your convenience, time and money your empanadas will be selected by you and packed frozen ready for your pick up at Narrabeen Lake Market (Berry Reserve- 1417 Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen, NSW, 2101), from 9.30 to 12hs.

We offer a special price $36.- Empanada packaging2

The market is running every 3rd Sunday of the month.

In this case we ask to our customer to do the payment when you do the order online to maximise the time.

Simple go to order online and write in the note that the pick up is on the market.

Q: How much should I order?

A: While there is no exact formula for deciding how much to order, there are several variables to consider:

  • Is the event going to be a meal, or a cocktail party?
  • How many total guest will you have
  • We complementary our empanadas with one sauce free. Would you like to add more sauces to your order?

Taking the above-mentioned variables into account, if the event is going to be a meal we suggest three empanadas per person.

If is a cocktail two empanadas.

Q: How do I order?

A: You can order online catering. If you have any issues with the order or questions not answered here, please give us a call at (02) 9944 0365 and we can take your order over the phone.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We’re using online payment by credit card or pay pall or bank transfer. If you have any issues with payment, feel free to call us (02) 9944 0365

Q: Is there a delivery fee?

A: There’s no charge for all Northern Beaches deliveries over our $150 order minimum. There’s a delivery fee for all deliveries outside Northern Beaches below our order minimum. See the delivery map

Chill the frozen prepared empanadas for about 20 minutes prior to frying. They are easier to handle when firm.Heat the sunflower cooking oil 180 degrees, use good quality. . This is deep frying and the empanadas need to be totally submerged in oil .Cook for about 5 minutes.  When the empanada turn to golden, remove and dry in cooking paper.  Recommending for the caprese! Enjoy

For more information on the details steps and photos please see this post: How to fried empanadas?

Go to order

Then select the tasting that you would like, click on “Add to cart” below each item.

When you finish to select the tasting, you can go to the shopping cart on the top of the menu, and then you will see the order. On the order, you can specify the quantities of each item that you would like.

If you have “Coupon” or “Promotional Code”, you can introduce on this screen, and the discount will apply to the shopping cart.

When you finish this, then click on Update Cart, and the code will be apply and the quantities will be modified, as well as the total of the cart.

Then click on check out, put your details. Create one account, next time only login. After the details you can made your payment, click in the trolley

Payment could be by  Paypal and/or Deposit in Bank Account. Using PayPal you can use your credit card for payment.

Note: If you are already a customer we are accepting Cash on Delivery.

At the moment, we are delivering  frozen empanadas, in order to bake them, turn on the oven at 220 degrees, wait for the temperature and arrange empanadas on a baking sheet. Leave space between each empanada, so they do not touch the empanadas. Bake for around 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the oven and/or the quantity of empanadas. More empanadas need more time for perfect cooking. Bake until turn golden brown and filling is hot. After that, allow to cool briefly before serving (not so hot), to be eaten.

Tip: 🙂 If you would like the top best result, first unfroze the empanadas in the fridge, leave space between each empanada. Bake it or frier  and enjoy


An empanada (Spanish pronunciation: [empaˈnaða]; also called pastel in Brazilian Portuguese and pate in Haitian Creole) is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries in Latin Europe, Latin America, the Southwestern United States, and parts of Southeast Asia. The name comes from the Galician, Portuguese, and Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread.

Empanadas are made by folding dough or bread with stuffing consisting of a variety of meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, and others.  Many countries today have their own variations of empanada using different kinds of dough, fillings and secrets.

We have the pleasure in introduce Argentinean empanadas.

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